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About Mactan Cebu International Airport Mactan Cebu International Airport is a busy airport catering to local and international passengers. Most of the international flights arrive late at night or right after midnight. You should not have problems taking a taxi around this time since there are many passengers going in and out of the airport. There are also security and airport personnel at the Help Desk to assist arriving passengers for their transportation needs or to find their way around the airport.  Money changers, likewise, are stationed in the arrival area 24 hours.  It is recommended that you immediately change some currency into Philippine pesos.  Transport from Mactan Cebu International Airport to your destination within the City The Mactan Cebu International Airport is about 14 kilometers from downtown Cebu City and about 12 kilometers from Joseph Baumgartner Learning Resource Center, University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus, Cebu City (the convention site). Taking a taxi from the airport is the easiest means of conveyance from the airport to your hotel.  Cabs are generally safe in Cebu and drivers are mostly kind, courteous, and friendly. But as in any Metropolis, problems could arise, so it is good to be always cautious. From the airport, you can take any of the following: Regular White Metered taxi – this is our regular taxi that services passengers to different destinations within Cebu City and nearby cities. There is a queue at the right most part of the airport upon your exit from the arrival area. Signage/arrows are posted to guide you to the regular white metered taxi queue.  It costs P200 to P250 (in Philippine Pesos), on the average and in fair traffic conditions, from airport to downtown Cebu City.  All regular taxis are registered and only those with airport stickers are allowed to pick up passengers, so please take a taxi only at the designated taxi bay. Upon entering the taxi, the driver or the taxi bay personnel will give you a small paper with information on the plate number of the taxi and a telephone number you can call in case you leave something in the taxi after disembarking.  In case the taxi driver negotiates for a fixed price instead of using the meter, PLEASE DO NOT AGREE.  Just ask the driver to please turn on the meter.  Cebu drivers are neither violent nor aggressive, and are often willing to comply with passenger requests. Note that it is not common practice for Cebu taxi drivers to negotiate for a fixed rate and most, in fact, will give passengers their exact change.  If you feel unsafe with the regular white metered taxi, you may instead opt for the “yellow” taxi. Yellow Metered Taxi – this is a special airport taxi service for passengers to any destination within Cebu (including outside Cebu City). The queue for the yellow taxi is just outside the arrival area.  In case you cannot find it, ask the security personnel for the yellow taxi line and they will gladly direct you. This is slightly more expensive than the regular white taxi and will cost anywhere between P250 to P350 (pesos) from airport to city center, depending on the distance and the traffic conditions. Rent a Car – you may also opt for the Rent-A-Car service for a fixed price. These companies have vans for passengers who come in groups. Their booths are stationed just outside the arrival area. This will cost you anywhere from P500 to P700 pesos, depending on the type of vehicle and the rental company.   Traffic There are on-going road repairs along the route from Mactan International Airport to the City Center, so travel time may take a little longer than the usual 30 to 45 minutes.   Reserving a Hotel A list of recommended hotels is uploaded for your reference. It contains information on the hotels, such as contact numbers, website, email address. Click here.  Also check Trip Advisor’s 30 Best Cebu Hotels for hotel reviews at   Electrical Outlets The Philippines uses a 2-prong outlet and electric current is at 220 volts.  It may be best to come prepared and have an international adapter.   Currency The country uses the Philippine Peso.  Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Waterfront and moneychangers are also available at major malls.   But as already mentioned above, it may be useful to have some money exchanged at the airport, especially if you are planning to take a taxi to your hotel.   Emergency Numbers Cebu City Hall Command Center 253-0357 Cebu City Public Information Office 254-8632 Cebu City Mobile Patrol Group – 166 Cebu City Emergency Rescue – 161     Daghang Salamat, is our way of saying Thank you very much. You can expect a smile from our locals when they hear you say this.   See you in Cebu!