Paper Registration

Registration Fee:
  • Korean participants: – 등록비는 현금(온라인송금 포함) 및 카드결제(개인카드/법인카드/과제카드) 가능 합니다. – 발표 논문 1편당 1명씩의 저자등록을 해야 합니다. – 등록비 카드결제 (5월16일까지)
  • 등록비 입금계좌 : 기업은행 362-059207-01-036 (예금주 : 한국디지털경영학회)
  • 일반 발표자 (할인) (5월9일까지)
  • 학생 발표자 (5월9일까지)
  • 특별 등록비(No 저널 게재)
  • 일반 발표자 (5월9일~5월16일까지)
Payment Methods: 
  • By Credit Card: - Only VISA, MASTER, American Express, JCB and UnionPay cards are acceptable . - Credit card payment is available on-line only.

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  • By Bank Transfer - Please send the registration fee to the following bank account.
    Account Number 362-059207-01-036
    Account Holder The Korea Academic Society of Digital Business Administration
    Address Industrial Bank of Korea : 50, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
    *All bank remittance charges are to be paid by registrant.
  • In order to confirm your payment, please send the remittance slip via e-mail (
  • By the Western Union: We recommend you to pay by Bank Transfer or Credit card. However, if you cannot pay by Bank transfer or Credit card, you can send your payment via the Western Union. After transferring registration fee, please send payment information to as follows. - Sender's Last Name: - First Name: - Phone Number: - Country: - MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number): -Transfer Number:
  •  Receiver Information is as follows:- Name: The Korea Academic Society of Digital Business Administration - City/State: Busan/Gyeongnam - Country: South Korea - Address: Daegu Metropolitan City, Dalseogu, Seongseo Gongdan-ro 39-gil, 14-14 (Gilshandong, Seongseo Bokdamyu Thongthnjine) - Phone: +82-53-583-0099 **All the Western Union remittance charges are to be paid by registrant.
  • Requests to cancel the conference registration must be be emailed to the secretariat at
  • For cancellations, the written request of cancellation should be sent to the conference secretariat till May 7, 2016 (5:00 pm Philippines standard time).
  • The refund (after deducting administrative charges) will be made after the conference.